Alex Johnson

I was born and grew up in London. In my twenties I travelled to Australia and to the US where I met my husband, Mike. Together we have lived, studied and worked in the US, UK and Australia.

Customer service has been at the heart of my varied working life. I have worked in local government, business administration and retail. While living in the US my husband and I trained to become chiropractors and we have practiced in Houston, Chicago and Sydney.

Our interest in serving a smaller community within an area of natural beauty led us to move to the south coast of NSW in 2006. We opened our practice, serenity wellness centre, where our focus is on providing gentle, effective care to improve the function of the spine and nervous system.

As part of the roundsquared team since December 2016, my responsibility is to schedule payment of invoices received. I respond to emails, ensure that I have correct bank details and check that no GST has been applied. I then prepare a spreadsheet based on these payments for claiming from the NDIS portal and reconcile them in QuickBooks.

In my spare time I enjoy bushwalking, mountain biking and swimming at our beautiful local beaches.