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Fine Art to Football:   7th – 10th May 2021


Something for everyone.


Fit everything into an action packed long weekend or just relax quietly with a book and pick one or two things that Canberra has to offer, We can customise the packages to suit your getaway needs.



(Proposed/Example of STAaR Package)


Friday 7th – travelling am

  • Arrive in Canberra and spend the afternoon at the Australian National Botanic Garden taking a botanical journey -  from the coastal rainforest climates to the dry red centre.

  • Or step back in time to a prehistoric world and meet some of our dinosaur friends at the Dinosaur Museum.


Saturday 8th

  • Spend the morning with some of the Masters at the Bottecelli to Van Gogh Exhibition at the National Art Gallery and then enjoy a special high tea.

  • Go Raiders!! An afternoon watching some of Canberra best Football players (if that’s not to your taste how does an afternoon of  Go Karting or miniature golf sound)

  • In the Evening, roundsquared would like to organise a group dinner for everyone to share their adventures and enjoy some time together.


Sunday 9th

  • Take a leisurely stroll through the Old Bus Depot Markets on Sunday Morning and explore the talents of the local Canberra crafters

  • And in the evening, “Carol King’ Tapestry - 50th Anniversary Concert” is playing at Canberra Theatre

  • Questacon is always an option for those that like to discover “What, Why and How” things work.

  • Finish the day by visiting the National Zoo and Aquarium


Monday 10th

  • Travel Home

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