Incident Response and Reporting

roundsquared aims to minimise incidents by documenting, reviewing and rectifying the negative consequences of incidents. This helps us to provide support to people with disability and families and a safe, stress free and positive work environment.


What is an incident?

An incident is a situation where any person associated with services provided by roundsquared is injured, put at risk, or distressed.


Who is responsible for reporting incidents?

All employees who work with roundsquared are responsible for identifying and reporting incidents. roundsquared promotes a culture where people are empowered to report incidents without fear of blame and feel confidence that, by reporting these incidents, they can help prevent similar issues from happening again.


Everybody should be encouraged to report any incidents that they are involved in or witness.

What do I do if an incident occurs?

Ensure Safety - take immediate action to make sure all involved are safe without putting yourself at harm, call 000 if it is an emergency

Inform - inform your supervisor as soon as possible

Report - complete an Incident Form and send it to your supervisor within 24 hours

Supervisor follow up - the supervisor will make sure the needs of all the people involved have been considered

The supervisor will make sure any necessary information or training has been provided to those involved

Report - the supervisor will document any follow up action on the Incident Report and provide it to a Director.

How do we review incidents?

roundsquared maintains an Incident Register with copies of each incident form and the report of follow-up action. This allows us to identify patterns and trends in incidents to help us improve our services and minimise further incidents.