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 Debra Brooke

Deb is my preferred title, Debra when in trouble, Debra Anne when in big trouble and Debra Anne Brooke when its dire, it has been quite a long time passing since I heard my mother call me that way! I am a mother of four, they range in age from 27 down to my youngest whom is eight-years-old. They are my main driving force! I love to be artistic with pens, pencils, oil, pastels and paper-to-oil painting on canvas, this activity I use for wellbeing, and simply because I always have done so. I adore listening to music, and when on my own singing and dancing along, lol. I play both weekend winter competition hockey and represent the region for hockey at the masters’ championships each year. I have a cat, a dog, chickens, fish and currently am babysitting a two-year-old horse. I live with my youngest daughter, enjoying my neighbourhood and surrounding areas, we are very lucky here.

I am a NDIS participant who is thankful to the scheme for the ability to maintain my health and wellbeing. My role at roundsquared allows me to assist with packages for members to visit doctors appointments, to support them in attending specialist appointments or block therapy sessions, to connect with family, or to enjoy excursions and holidays. All with support staff to assist you as required.


I look forward to meeting new and existing members, assisting with your needs and creating stress-free breaks away for you.