Complaints and Feedback

roundsquared will consider all complaints seriously and will act promptly, fairly and confidentially with the involvement of the person to rectify any poor service or practice. We aim to redress any hurt caused to individuals and families and improve our overall performance by learning from complaints.

We will provide a complaints handling process that protects the rights and interests of all individuals and groups, and encourages people to raise concerns, regardless of age, development, literacy and cultural factors, and we will protects complainants against retribution.




  • Encourages employees to resolve complaints at first point of contact and at a local level.

  • Will provide another staff person or suggest an advocate of the member’s choice to manage the feedback or complaint if requested

  • ensure the person making the complaint is regularly informed of what we are doing to address the complaint.

  • will work with the person to resolve the issue and discuss actions that are to be taken within an agreed timeframe

  • will log Feedback and Complaints according the NDIS Commission's guidelines to track feedback and the actions to be taken.

  • discuss the complaint at an operational meeting to prevent similar incidents occurring .This will assist us to monitor and resolve issues effectively and to inform continuous improvement of our services.

  • will review the outcome with the member to determine member satisfaction and or refer and support that member to transfer to another service provider if appropriate.

  • Pathways to Leadership will also conduct a member survey to ascertain the level of member satisfaction of our services. This would be conducted by phone and feedback will also directly influence roundsquared continuous improvement and service delivery.

  • welcome feedback and refer members to the  feedback email address, which is also advertised in the roundsquared newsletter.

Translating and interpreting services (TIS) can also be accessed on: 1300655082 or; please contact us for roundsquared's TIS client code.

To make a complaint you can email us on, or phone us on 0407 406 647 or make a comment on our website

If you are not happy with the way we deal with your complaint you can let the NDIS Commission know by: 

  • Phoning 1800 035 544 (freecall from landlines) or TTY 133 677

  • Completing a complaint contact form on the NDIS Commission website –

  • A complaint can also be made directly to the NDIS Commission

Complaints Process

Receiving the complaint

  • ask the person making the complaint how they want the complaint to be recorded:

    • orally

    • a complaint form

    • in writing via email.

  • be responsive, helpful and respectful and maintain confidentiality

  • determine who they wish to manage the complaint

  • determine if they want/require an advocate

  • in the case of a breach of Privacy or Confidentiality take actions to minimise further risk to the person/s involved and advise a director.

Record the Details

  • Accurately and completely record the persons details and the details of their complaint - all contact must be dated and signed

  • Complaint details to be logged in the Feedback and Complaints Portal

  • Explain the expected timeframe for resolution - 3 to 14 days

  • In the case of a serious or criminal complaint report to the appropriate authority i.e ADHC or FACS or the Police

Resolve and Refer

  • Discuss with a Director/s if approprate 

  • Advise the person that you have referred their complaint and provide details of who they can contact, if necessary.

  • Consult with the person making the complaint regularly and advise of any updates 


  • Provide a verbal response for simple complaints and a written response for all other complaints within 14 days

  • Explain the reasons why a decision has been made and determine if this is satisfactory to the person making the complaint.

  • Provide information about how to escalate the complaint if  needed

  • A review of policies and procedures and /or a review of employee training practices may be required if complaints are serious or a breach of privacy and confidentiality has occurred.

  • Record progress on our Feedback and Complaints Register