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Hi I’m Kim Hitchcock and I’ve been working within disability and aged care for the last 21 yrs in the Bega valley, I started working in disability 22 yrs ago in South Australia and had the great privilege of being trained by a woman living with disability who assisted me to know the impact that I had on her quality of life. 

I then moved to Bega and supported people who live. Acquired brain injury team and then in Disability accommodation.

During this time I’ve experienced a vast cross section of different experiences and the pleasure of meeting some amazing people and have had the opportunity to enable those I have worked beside achieve a better quality of life.

I come from a family that have strong social justice beliefs  and learnt early that equality and community connection are the building blocks of a quality life.

I’m a country girl at heart and grew up on a beef farm, rode junior rodeos, and enjoy animals of all shapes and sizes, I have 2 grown children and a couple of whippets.

Since I've been continue working best life possible, NDIS under the NDIS banner. Being abke to help ropundsquared members the navigate the NDIS to achieve the best possible outcomes for each individual.