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Let's Talk Speak Out
Advocacy group

We are the Let’s Talk Speak Out Advocacy group. We are a group of people with different abilities who come together once a week on a Monday afternoon to help advocate for those who can’t for themselves. 

We enjoy being involved in the community and aspire to bring change to our community and those around us where we can. In the past we have helped support children in Cambodia by sending them school supplies and hygiene products to help with their well being, we were involved in the All Abilities festival where we supplied information to members of the community about easy access to disability support. Within Round Squared we organise, Friday Friends and Food nights, to promote healthy relationships, we organise discos and more recently we participated in the Moruya Mardi Gras parade where we coordinated our float from start to finish. We finish off our advocacy meetings with a self defence class run by one of our members. 

We are a good team, together we chat, have many laughs and we’re awesome!

We are always open to taking on new projects and welcome members! 

For any enquiries, feel free to contact us at 

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