Melissa Cameron

I grew up in Sydney on the banks of the Georges River at Oyster Bay.  Sailing is my true love, I spent every day possible out on the water, racing on the weekend, twilight racing, heading off around the countryside going to State and Aussie titles.  Over the years, although my passion is for dinghy’s I was wooed by the big yachts out of Sydney and Cronulla.


In my late 20’s I started travelling to Nepal, India and Tibet trekking and climbing mountains.  If you have ever travelled in Nepal you end up with a theory that what can go wrong will, flooded river crossings, glacier lake collapses, bus strikes, plane strikes and festivals galore.  My photo was taken in 1999 when my girlfriend and I lead a climbing trip to Mera Peak, great views of Everest and some very deep crevices to cross.  


About 2004 I decided to move to the coast near my parents and extended family.  I now live on many acres, with cows, sheep, horses, chickens and of course the gorgeous Molly kelpie dog.   My days of ocean racing and mountaineering are only memories, except occasionally i get a sail in and my climbing days are done except for a jaunt up Mt. Gulaga.  

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