Jessica Matlock

I have plenty of admin experience and I look for fun and challenging places to work. I’ve stretched from Hospitality in busy Sydney pubs and restaurants, the call centre for one of the big online banks with thousands of employees, right through to family owned small business with five employees. The similar grain through all of these roles is a solid base in customer service and admin.

A while ago I decided I wanted to dedicate my work hours to something more worthy than simply paying the bills. That’s how I ended up with roundsquared in 2020 as a payroll officer, having a simply fabulous time with Virginia and Rachael, and under the R2 Employ banner. I’m enjoying meeting members and their support workers as they pop their heads in the office door and crack a joke or two and have a laugh with everyone. 

When I’m not working I’m hanging out with my kids and husband at the beach, in the park or out and about on an adventure. Honestly though, my favourite adventure is a rainy day when we all get to cuddle up on the lounge and watch a movie together.