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Member Michelle Writes

One of Michelle’s goals has always been to become a self-employed author. Now that goal is considerably closer.


Through her NDIS funding Michelle has accessed an Assistive Technology Consultant. Over several sessions, a solution was found to overcome Michelle’s difficulties with getting her thoughts down on paper. Michelle has run with this and presented her first (in a long time) piece of creative writing. This is very exciting as is a clear step towards her goal. 

The Voice to text equipment translates spoken word to an editable document. Michelle has found that the ideas are flowing thick and fast for further writing, watch this space.

Ferry to the Future By Michelle

The first time I went overseas on a plane, apart from a short trip to Fiji, was to England with my friend Nettie. I was so excited to be going to Europe! 

Nettie and I landed at Heathrow, London, where we were picked up by her Dad, Allen. What I wasn’t expecting once we got to their home in Salisbury, while I am keeling over with jetlag, was to be treated to a 3-hour Special on the Royal family. 
So yes, Allen was a Royalist who felt he needed to educate this colonial Australian convict about the ins and outs of Royalty.
I thought Allen was a toffee nosed “Pom”, he thought I was an ignorant convict.

Soon after our arrival Nettie decided she wanted to stay in England and see her friends and family for a little longer. I decided to adventure off to Europe. Allen, who had started to warm to me, decided to take it upon himself to create my itinerary, make my travel arrangements including applying for Visas and getting the right currencies. This was before the European Union, no common currency and there was a need for Visa’s.

As Allen had taken full control I didn’t think to take too much notice of what he had organised.  I knew I would take a coach from Calais, France and visit France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria but not Belgium. I had the right currencies and Visa’s that was enough. That should have set off alarm bells. This lack of notice to detail has become a theme in my life.

Allen and Nettie dropped me off at Dover England and left. From there I was to travel to Calais. With no care in the world I embarked full of confidence and enthusiasm for the short three-hour trip to France. Time ticked by and I started to question how long the journey was taking. The weather was deteriorating, and night was falling- it started to rain. Time continued to tick by. I felt fine, but I decided I needed to find someone who spoke English and could confirm all was well. Eventually I heard an English accent belonging to someone who confirmed I was on my way to Ostend, Belgium!

Panic set in I had no Visa, no currency for Belgium, nowhere to stay, it was 11pm, and pelting with rain. What was a girl to do?
Suddenly I heard a mildly comforting accent, possibly Australian; I later learned Miss Dee was from Melbourne. I explained my dilemma with my tears not distinguishable from the pouring rain. How could you get onto a ship going to the wrong country? No one stopped me or looked at my tickets. How embarrassing to see a boat and just get on it! 

My guardian angel Miss Dee said I could stay with her at her hotel. I had met a new friend, maybe that was meant to be.
The next day we decided to travel together, and I ditched my plans, well Allen’s. Dee now took control and got me the right Visa’s and currencies. In Miss Dee I had found a fellow adventurer, we had an amazing time travelling together.

So, I learned that you never know what opportunities mistakes may bring you and not even careful planning (Allen) guarantees anything. It helps to remind myself not to be frightened of the future because past mistakes brought into my life a fabulous friend and adventure.

The Unknown is sometimes better than the known and to trust in it. After 25 years I continue to remind myself of that.

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