Member Services

Supporting Members

Assist members to develop their plan and prepare for meeting with an NDIS Planner, or to review a current plan.


Supporting members to manage their plan flexibly and to support them in making ongoing adjustments as their needs change.

Support and assist members through crisis resolution and with building self advocacy skills.

Assist members to activate their plan by supporting them to link with supports of their choice (funded, mainstream and informal).

More NDIS Support

Support and assist members with accessing and utilizing the NDIS Portal.


Assist with developing service agreements.

Support and assist members through crisis resolution and with building self advocacy skills.

Assist with regular monitoring and outcomes reporting for the NDIS.

Financial Matters

Set up a member financial system, aligned to the person’s plan. 

Provide training in how to work the financial system. 

Assist members to budget, including during crisis and one off events.

Members have access to their financial information 24 hours a day. 

Our Fees

Under the NDIS a person's Plan needs to state how they wish to access support and assistance to enable them to implement their plan and to access Plan Management for support with the financial management of their budget.  Funding needs be allocated under Capacity Building Supports in the Coordination of Supports (Support Category 3.07) & Improved Life Choices (Support Category 3.14) for the purchase of support under the Plan Management items (Financial & Service Intermediary).

Employing workers

Advise members on the employment of workers, including access to roundsquared-employ.

Share advice and contacts on alternatives to directly employing workers.  

Provide a financial system that supports payroll, superannuation payments and ATO requirements as well as expenses processing.

Advise and assist members with insurance information.

Connect with members

Connect members who want to speak to people in similar circumstances.

Maintain regular, minimum fortnightly, contact with members.

Facilitate member forums, workshops and training.

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