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Steve Canby

I was born in Victoria or Mexico as it is fondly known, and our family moved to Wollongong when I was a teenager to follow work for my Dad who was a Bricklayer at the time.

I have been married to my wife for 28 years. We have one son, who currently owns the Bemboka Pie Shop, and we also have three granddaughters. 

We moved to Bemboka in 1984 and worked in a variety of positions. Over the years I have worked on cattle farms, doing milking, farm work, fencing and general tractor work. I have also worked as a surveyor’s assistant, rock crusher operator and, of course, kept being drawn back to the disability field.

We live on 50 acres on the edge of Bemboka and have a very large native garden. I love all sports, and have also played most sports at some point during my life. When I can find some spare time, I love fishing, walking, gardening, operating machinery (tractors), building stuff like rock walls & new gardens, riding motorcycles, and spending time with my family. 

I have recently acquired a bee hive and we are learning all about the process of Beekeeping using a Flow Hive, which is the least intrusive method of collecting honey from bees available.