Anna Bisset

A long term resident of the Northern Rivers and Byron Shire in particular, I'm still constantly awed by the beauty of the area and the changeability of the scenery. Love the mountains, rivers, pastoral views and the little towns. When I moved here 22 years ago I thought Byron Bay was heaven on a stick and reflected back many of my beliefs and values. Perhaps not so much these days, as I have matured and developed a more expansive view of life influenced by my many years of employment in the community services sector. Having worked at many areas of the coal face in this sector, I find there is not much that shocks me anymore and have learnt to take both mine and other peoples lives in my stride.


30 plus years of yoga has kept me sound in wind and limb thankfully. I like to feel useful and engaged with people and life in general. I love to travel, garden, read, go to live concerts and movies, breeze the beach, amuse our dog, art journal and generally muck about with what is on offer.

I welcome change if its good change, and attempt to keep an open mind with little judgment in most situations.

I have a grown up son with cystic fibrosis so know the trials and tribulations of being a carer. Thankfully he is doing well and may live beyond his age expectations.

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