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Thomas' House

Should you wish to find out more about Thomas' House please:

-visit our website at thomas-house.org

-find us on facebook at Thomas House…look for the little purple house.

-email us at thomastransitionhouse@gmail.com   

Thomas' Transition House for Children Inc (Thomas' House) is a registered Australian Charity who have been working with injured, ill and vulnerable children and their families in Cambodia for the past four years.

Our Cambodian headquarters is located in Sen Sok. Sen Sok is a conglomeration of tiny housing clusters with a large percentage of its inhabitants under 10 years of age. There is little industry in the village with most of the adults working in nearby Phnom Penh in the construction industry or within factories. A great many parents have left Cambodia to work in Thailand or China, leaving their children with elderly grandparents.

Thomas' House has built a large tin shed on private property to use as our headquarters. It is from here that all our programs are delivered. We have three staff in addition to ourselves. While Covid has impacted our programs severely, we are still able to provide an average of 400 free meals per month to vulnerable children, their supporting parent/s, elderly people and people in hospital. Overall, we currently assist 87 families.

Our short-term goal is to continue our programs to the benefit of as many people as possible. Our long-term dream is to buy land to build an Extended Hours Day Care Centre so that working mothers can safely leave their young children.

- Children and young adults with special needs receive priority assistance in our programs. Wherever possible the children   receive services such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, education support and mobility aids. We make and provide       wheelchairs suitable for the rough terrain of the village.

- We currently support 15 babies under the age of 18 months by supplying formula and food for the family as well as   managing the medical care of the families. We do this by working closely with a local Doctor who understands our ethics of   wishing to keep the family unit intact.

- Our "Granny Program" currently supports elderly ladies with cooked food each day.

- Our once a week "Bread Run" is a highlight of our week. We purchase 300 bread rolls and a dozen cans of condensed milk   and walk throughout the village distributing the milk covered bread to the children or any hungry person. It is an occasion of   great fun and our team are greeted warmly. Of course, the children all want "one more please" and go to great lengths to try a   and trick us into giving them multiples of bread.

- We facilitate emergency dental care with numbers averaging 10 cases per month. 

2020 has been a difficult one for the world and particularly Cambodia. The Covid virus has meant closed borders which barred NGO volunteers and tourists from entering the country, thereby reducing employment opportunities for the locals.  Construction in the capitol has ceased, and factories have closed meaning that tens of thousands of labourers have lost jobs. In addition, the worst flooding in living memory is currently forcing tens of thousands of people out of their homes. In Sen Sok a large percentage of our villagers are currently living in any high spot they can find.

We have experienced a 300% increase in requests for services over the past six months, mainly food and medicines, and we work hard to prioritise aid so that the people most in need receive support. We never have enough to fill all requests.  

Thomas' House receive no government assistance from either Australia or Cambodia.  


We thank you  for your generous support,

Rob and Gaye McPhee

DIrectors - Thomas' House