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As one of the Directors of roundsquared, I bring over 30 years of experience in the disability sector as well as having two daughters who have NDIS plans.

My experience started after leaving school in the UK, when I worked in a large institution on a locked ward for young men with significant autism.  I was very lucky to work under a Charge Nurse who was visionary and could see opportunities for these young men outside of the locked doors!


Since then I’ve worked as a house manager of group homes, supported people to access open employment.  I have also been CEO of what used to be called a Division of General Practice.





I joined the roundsquared team in 2020 and hope to bring my 25 years plus experience of working in various nursing fields and managing surgical rooms to this new role. 

I have always had an interest in supporting people and enjoy learning and growing from each new experience. After taking a break from work looking after our two girls, I decided that I wanted to get back to work.


Due to your youngest daughter being on NDIS, I have been learning how to navigate the system and am still learning, which has been interesting, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time! Being thrown into the system made it clear to me that I wanted to do more to help support people living with disabilities. 


Belinda Quick

Business Manager and Director


I have been a member of the roundsquared family as Office Manager since 2017 and I work within the financial arm of the organisation.

After completing Year 12, I had a life goal of teaching Italian, German and Japanese overseas but instead I sat an exam for a company that put me in their Superannuation Department where I stayed for over eight years.  I then continued within this Industry for a further ten years until I transferred to taxation followed by banking.


Amazingly finance has become my area of expertise and I have developed a strange passion for it.

Laurita Jones



Consultant and Trainer


I love my work as I get to be creative, meet wonderful people, and it is never boring.


I have worked in educational and larger service settings, as a teacher's' aide, supports coordinator, direct support worker, teacher/facilitator and a self-managed consultant as well as leading a small Community Development team in South East Qld.


My interest and deep desire to work with people with disability to achieve their goals comes from a strong sense of social justice, commitment to inclusive practice and a belief in seeing difference as uniqueness.





My role is South Coast consultant working with members to overcome the challenges in their world as much as possible. I see this as a privilege.

I also create our newsletters - with input from the team and our members. I love connecting with the wide variety of inspiring people I come into contact with, and enjoy hearing your individual stories.

My previous experience began with a decade in retail management, followed by five years working with children. This led to running a Sydney Nanny agency as founder & director, providing  support workers for families. My interest in working with people has now evolved to lie firmly within the field of disability support. I have been with roundsquared since 2017.



Finance Consultant


Customer service has been at the heart of my varied working life in the UK, USA and Australia. I have worked in local government, business administration, retail and health care provision, where my focus is on the individual and how best to serve their needs.

As part of the roundsquared team since December 2016, my responsibility is to schedule payment of invoices received. I respond to emails, ensure that I have correct bank details and check that no GST has been applied. I then prepare a spreadsheet based on these payments for claiming from the NDIS portal and reconcile them in QuickBooks.


Senior Consultant

My background is varied from Nursing, Aged, Disability, Community Transport and disadvantaged people within the community from all walks of life.

I have live in Bega Valley since 1988 and have worked supporting people from young to seniors, which I enjoy immensely.

Krystal Photo_edited.jpg

Krystal Tritton

Senior Consultant

I find my role as consultant to a group of roundsquared members personally rewarding. I enjoy learning from each of these members in different ways. I have a passionate focus on creating meaningful employment for all in the community, irrespective of abilities.


Timothy Thomas


I was born with Cerebral Palsy, this has challenged me physically and sometimes socially. I have often encountered barriers (real or perceived) that come with having a physical challenge, however this does in no way prevent me from having a very full life, and has enabled me to build the skills needed to advocate for others to have the same rights.




While it is impossible for a square to be a circle, it is possible for people with disability to be citizens of their own country and citizens of the world.

Citizenship is not determined by my physical appearance, my intellectual ability, my wealth or my job; for me citizenship is what I hope for and work towards for my two girls: a place in their community of equality and opportunity. What I have done and what I will do is not as important as what I do now.

Hopefully I have learned from the past but by acting now I will be part of a roundsquared community that will create a great future for all.

Rachelle Pic.jpg




My passion has always been to help support people living with disabilities and with Roundsquared I can do this by assisting each of our members individual experiences. I am always on the go, thinking outside the box and ready to make lives better!

I have 3 children that I adore and of course they keep me on my toes! I love creating memories, spending time with my family and seeing the creative (and sometimes crazy) things my kids come up with! 


Glenn pic 2.jpg

Glenn Walshe



My name is Glenn, a fortuitous career change in 2019 led me to become a support worker with roundsquared members.


I immediately felt at home in my new role and stepped into leadership for teams of support staff.


During this time, I developed a focus for facilitating member’s skill development for independence. 

Tina Pic Aug 21.jpg

Tina Holden



My name is Tina, I’m a consultant with Roundsquared working in Sydney, and I am Sydney’s newest team member.


I have an awesome 18-year-old son with ASD and intellectual Disability giving me knowledge and experience to be lucky enough to share with my members and assist them where/when needed.


Kate photo.jpg



Senior Consultant and Director

I joined roundsquared as a consultant early 2019, based in the Northern Rivers region and have been in Murwillumbah for close to 20 years.

I have three lovely boys, one of whom has Autism/Epilepsy and learning difficulties and has his own NDIS plan.

My working background has been varied between working government departments such as Legal Aid and Social Security (now known as Centrelink), to being a Paralegal at various law firms.The one thing that all my previous jobs have had in common is that I got to work with people from all walks of life and was able to guide them through any issues that they have had.

roundsquared is an extension of my previous work experience and I am thoroughly enjoying helping to guide people with implementing their goals and visions for their future.

Frankie photo.JPG




I have recently joined the wonderful team at roundsquared as a consultant here in Sydney. I have previously worked in management and retail.


The last 10 years I have been a full time carer for my disabled daughter, who is the absolute light of my life.i have been hands on with my daughters rehabilitation and have learnt a lot about different disabilities and the everyday struggles that they bring. My daughter has been a member of for three years and it has absolutely changed our whole families everyday life.


With the guidance of my daughters support coordinator/ consultant getting us back into a somewhat “normal” lifestyle I now have the time to return to work and help other members achieve a full & wonderful lifestyle.


I look forward to working with you all!


Kristy Bruce

Finance Consultant

My name is Kristy, I joined the roundsquared family in January 2019. I work in the finance team, assisting in whatever way I can. When I’m not in the office, I also enjoy my role as a support work with members. I find this gives me a great balance and the ability to see both sides.

I’ve had a wide range of experience in both fields including managing accounts in a major law firm, real estate, reception, care work in a facility & community care. Until Ianded my current role I was never able to do both within one organisation.


I cherish family time and making memories with our two kids and our dog. Spending time at the beach & camping is at the top of the list!