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roundsquared submission to NDIS Inquiry into Improving the NDIS experience: Nov 2019

roundsquared's submission is a call for action to improve the participant’s experience of accessing and seeking support through the NDIS in a manner that is transparent, fair and informed by the human right principles and social justice.  


Seven priority areas have been identified. These include:

  • the need to develop an integrated service model that underpin the NDIS and ensures other Departments like Health, Housing, Education and Transport do not abrogate their responsibility for providing people with disabilities the services and supports outlined in their plans rather than seeing this responsibility lying solely with the NDIA. 

  • the need to reconsider the central focus on goals in the planning meeting, as there is increasing anecdotal evidence that this process poorly articulates with identifying how the person with disability can improve their functional capacity and enhance their social and community engagement.  

  • the need for consistent information to be provided by NDIA planners and LACs to participants/families/carers and greater transparency around the decision-making processes. 

  • the need for greater recognition of the difficulties and additional costs faced by participants in rural and regional areas in accessing services and supports with additional funding needed to address the cost of/lack of transport services in many areas. 

  • the need for substantial reforms to the participant pathway to ensure people with psychosocial disability are not deemed ineligible; and the recruitment of planners and LACs with specific experience dealing with people with psychosocial disability.

  • the need for a comprehensive workforce planning strategy that includes the improved recruitment & training of NDIA planners and LACs; minimum training qualifications and career path options for support workers; the recruitment and retentions of allied health professionals to areas of workforce shortage e.g. rural and regional areas; and comprehensive workforce modelling to address gaps in service delivery.

  • the need to include an amendment to Sub-section 4 (12) and sub-section 31 © the NDIS Act 2013 to directly reference carers so that they align with the ‘recognise and respect’ terminology of the Carers Recognition Act 2010. 

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